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We have put mortgage lending and real estate under one roof. Our agents are dual-licensed and bring more firepower and expertise to your scenario to save you time, money, and hassle.



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    Hybrid Agents in our brokering platform can choose from many different lending sources to give consumers the best available product, rates, cost, and service. We partner with some of the most competitive investors in the industry.

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    Hybrid Agents use part of their real estate commission to credit to the buyer.* This credit can be used to buydown the interest rate or offset other closing costs. Utilizing the credit to buy down the rate can lower monthly payments and save buyers tens of thousands of dollars in interest expense.  *(Except FHA Loans)

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    Hybrid Agents have deeper perspective than standalone agents in evaluating collateral and market conditions. They also have more expertise in analyzing the strength of buyers. Because we have multiple revenue streams we are able to list properties at a very competitive commission cost to sellers.



“Create massive differentiation in mortgage lending and real estate services by making fundamental shifts in agency.

Hybrid Agents practicing lending and real estate use a fully integrated and comprehensive approach to client interests that will save them money, time, and hassle.”

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    We utilize a flexible mortgage brokering platform instead of a captive banking source to give consumers the best rates and service. We also use part of our real estate commissions to give buyers lower rates and overall transaction costs. We are more competitive on listings because we have multiple revenue streams.

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    Traditional timelines are shortened by dealing with a single Hybrid Agent who can immediately provide information and solutions to all parties. Lapses in communication and coordination between clients, lenders, Realtors, and third party vendors are completely eliminated.

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    Some of the biggest problems in mortgage lending and real estate transactions are created by the separation of agent roles. The left and right hands do not always work well together. A single point of contact for all material aspects of a transaction provides better solutions and removes unnecessary confusion and friction.


Brett and his team delivered impeccable service on the sale of my home. From listing agreement to money in the bank was just about five weeks, with multiple offers well above asking price. I wish it were possible to give a sixth star for negotiation skills, because I think this may be his  superpower. Brett and his team are professionals who execute with excellence


Brett was an Awesome Agent! He Literally found our Dream Home! He was Available, Attentive, Knowledgable and Hard Working. When the homes we had picked out weren't everything we thought they were...He jumped right in and put his expertise to work in finding us The Perfect Home..Our home literally  had everything we wanted plus a view! Him and his team were The Greatest! They took the time to patiently explain and walk us through the entire overwhelming process of buying a home (and did I mention the perfect home!) We are So Thankful for Brett And Would Absolutely Recommend Him to Family and Friends and You too!



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Hybrid Agent Group

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Integrating lending and real estate to help consumers save time, money, and skip the hassle.


Hybrid Agent Group

CA DRE 02112983

NMLS 1924597



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