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Profitable Home Selling

Real estate is not a liquid asset and can be difficult to sell while maximizing profits. Our deep knowledge of market dynamics, collateral evaluation, and borrower qualifications make us the perfect partners in marketing your home to achieve maximum return.


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Profitable Home Selling

Let's get real on this score, shall we? If a traditional standalone agent comes to you with a fancy marketing presentation and the promise of slick drone fly-over videos, it is style over substance. Here is the reality. Once your listing hits the local/regional MLS (multiple listing service) used by Realtors, it is populated throughout the internet - Zillow, etc. And that is where the bulk of buyers start. Believe us, they don't care about drone videos. They want to quickly find and check your home out online - look at pics and compare your pricing.

So the key issue isn't about fancy marketing promises, it is about pricing the property correctly so that it doesn't sit on the market forever (thus depressing the sale price) and presenting the property properly so it shows well online. Think of it as getting ready to go on a dating app for real estate - you want to put the best picture of yourself forward for as many potential suitors as possible.

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When you meet with a Hybrid Agent you will find out right away that we are not there to blow sunshine in your face. We want to analyze your local market, your property condition, and your goals to come up with the right strategy for you. Maximizing your profits is not about magical and quasi-unethical "pocket listings" that traditional agents often tout. It isn't about lots of open houses and taco trucks either. It is about establishing a range of possible pricing and positioning strategies to see what approach is best suited to you.

Once we have the pricing and positioning strategy set for your property, it is time to entertain and evaluate inbound offers. Hybrid Agents are at a distinct advantage because we know the ins and outs of borrower financing. The last thing we want to do is go under contract with a weak and under-motivated buyer who will not perform. That mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

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