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Legal Stuff:

General Disclosure:

Not an offer to buy, nor a solicitation to sell securities. Information herein is provided for information purposes only, and should not be relied upon to make an investment decision. All investing involves risk of loss of some or all principal invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Speak to your finance and/or tax professional prior to investing. Securities offered through Emerson Equity LLC Member: FINRA/SIPC. Only available in states where Emerson Equity LLC is registered. Emerson Equity LLC is not affiliated with any other entities identified in this communication.


Opportunity Zone Disclosures:

Opportunity Zones (“OZ”) are speculative. OZs are newly formed entities with no operating
history. There’s no assurance of investment return, property appreciation, or profits. The ability to resell the fund’s underlying assets is not guaranteed. Investing in OZ funds may involve higher risk than investing in other established real estate offerings.

Long-term. OZ funds are illiquid and return of capital and realization of gains, if any, from an
investment will generally occur only upon partial or complete disposition or refinancing of such

Limited secondary market. Although secondary markets may provide a liquidity option in limited circumstances, the amount you will receive is typically reduced.


 Difficult valuation assessment. The portfolio holdings in OZ funds may be difficult to value. As
such, market prices for most of a fund’s holdings will not be readily available.


 Default consequences. Meeting capital calls to provide pledged capital is a contractual
obligation of each investor. Failure to meet this requirement in a timely manner could have
adverse consequences including forfeiture of your interest in the fund.

Leverage. OZ funds may use leverage in connection with investments or participate in
investments with highly leveraged structures. Leverage involves a high degree of risk and
increases the exposure of the investments to factors such as rising interest rates, downturns in
the economy, or deterioration in the condition of the assets underlying the investments.


 Unregistered. The regulatory protections of the Investment Company Act of 1940 are not
available with unregistered securities.


 Regulation. It is possible, due to tax, regulatory, or investment decisions, that a fund, or its
investors, are unable to realize any tax benefits. Evaluate the merits of the underlying investment and do not solely invest in an OZ fund for any potential tax advantage.

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