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Get a lower rate with a Hybrid Agent

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

When you’re buying a home you want to get the best overall financial deal possible. This means negotiating the best price, with a low interest rate, with the lowest overall closing costs.

We believe the best way to achieve all of these goals is with a Hybrid Agent who is intimately engaged with the whole deal instead of part of the deal.

I want to show you how this works by starting with the mortgage rate as an example. Did you know that every particular client scenario has a range of rates available based on their FICO score and amount of down payment? The high end of the range generates cash rebates to lower your closing costs and the low end of the range costs money upfront – we call this discount points.

There is no right or wrong to what end of the range you choose – it depends on your goals. You might want to take a slightly higher rate to help pay some of the closing costs so you don’t come in with as much cash to close.

But let’s say your goal is to get the lowest rate. When you’re working with a Hybrid Agent – we use part of our REAL ESTATE commission to pay for your discount points! In other words, we use our earnings to give YOU a better financial benefit!

This is only ONE of many reasons why using a Hybrid Agent is a smarter way to buy and finance real estate.

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