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Smart Home Buying

Buying a home may be one of the biggest personal and financial decisions of your life, so you want to be smart. Hybrid Agents have a bigger toolkit and a 360-degree view of your situation to guide you to the best outcome. 


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Smart Home Buying

The internet has dramatically changed how consumers buy homes. Many people are probably left wondering why they even need a buyer's agent! Why not do your own searching and then go straight to the listing agent and try to cut a deal?

We would offer at least two big reasons why this is not the best way to proceed. First, when you go to a listing agent and ask them to represent you as the buyer you are asking them to work both sides of the deal (dual agency). It is legal, ethical, and can be done, but consider whether or not your full interests can be represented by the same person trying to satisfy the other party? Take it from us, it is a tricky position to be in and it doesn't usually amount to any real savings.

When you use a Hybrid Agent to help you buy a home they represent you fully and no one else. This matters when it comes to issues like the negotiated sales price and any repairs that need to be done. Imagine a listing agent trying to grind down the price on your behalf or seeking the best deal on repairs! Trust us, it is not easy and usually not optimal for the buyer.

Beyond that, Hybrid Agents are able to use part of their real estate commissions to give you a better rate and/or lower closing costs (except on FHA loans)! So for example, let's say the going market rate on a 30-year fixed is 3.75% at the time when you are able to lock. By using a Hybrid Agent, you get a monetary credit to escrow so that WE can buy the rate lower! Imagine getting 3.375% instead of 3.75%! When you use a Hybrid Agent for both the real estate and the loan we have more juice to share with you and you save tons of money over the long run!

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